RFCPDFANElephant herd on the run in Etosha desert
RMEAX227African Elephant calves follow the herd through a dusty acacia woodland.
RF2E50KFJAfrican elephant sprays dust with trunk (dust bath) while walking with herd on dusty Amboseli savannah in Kenya. Black and white monochrome elephants
RMBRP27FA dusty silhouette of a herd of African elephants walking in dry veld
RF2AGYR1KFocus on the rear elephant in a herd of African elephants walking along a dusty dirt road in a national park in Uganda. Motion blur on the moving herd.
RFT7D7RGSmiling happy Elephants with tusks in warm sunshine Loxodonta Africana Safari travel Amboseli National Park Kenya East Africa
RMEAX228The wrinkled, leathery hide on the dusty rumps and tails of an African Elephant herd.
RMBRMM49A silhouette of a herd of African elephants with a calf walking in dry veld
RF2CCYP24Herd of elephants on the african plains, with one spraying itself with orange coloured dust to keep cool. Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe
RFF924M4A herd of African elephant on the move across a dry, dusty flood plain
RFT7D83TElephant group with small calves walk closely together on dusty plains of Amboseli National Park, Kenya, East Africa. Herd of 'Loxodonta africana'
RFM1XC4AHerd of African Elephants grazing on the savannah with Kilimanjaro in the background. Amboseli. Kenya.