360 Degree Panoramic: Frauenau - Trinkwasser Talsperre

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Frauenau - Trinkwasser Talsperre
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Image ID: T62DM6
Description: As a result of the geological situation in the Bavarian Forest prevails a basic lack of water, a water tank at Frauenau and Zwiesel was built in the years 1976 to 1983, which is fed by the rivers Little rain and deer creek that the uninhabited area near the Czech border between Falkenstein and Rachel spring. Over the water intake tower up to 15 m of water for the purpose Association far away water supply provided Bayerischer Wald available annually, which includes the counties of Cham, Deggendorf, Dingolfing Landau, Freyung Grafenau, Passau, Regen and Straubing Bogen.The 70.5 meters high over low dam consists of a core of stony clay seal with a central clay concrete wall which is air and water side flanked by beds of rock rubble. At the time of its completion, it was up to 86 m above the foundation to provide the highest dam in the Federal Republic, and he is still the highest dam. Higher dams (dam walls but) only the Rappbode reservoir and the Leibis Lichte.source: Wikipedia