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1888 A Zulu Kraal

1888 A Zulu Kraal Stock Photo

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11 November 2013



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Kraal craal or kraul is an Afrikaans and Dutch word for an enclosure for cattle or other livestock, located within an African settlement or village surrounded by a palisade, mud wall, or other fencing, roughly circular in form. In the Dutch language a kraal is a term derived from the Portuguese word curral, cognate with the Spanish-language corral, which entered into English separately. The term primarily refers to the type of dispersed homestead characteristic of the Nguni-speaking peoples of southern Africa. Although from the period of colonisation, European South Africans and historians commonly referred to the entire settlement as a kraal ethnographers have long recognised that its proper referent is the animal pen area within a homestead.[citation needed] Modern ethnographers call the several human dwellings within a homestead (Xhosa: umzi, Zulu: umuzi, Swazi: umuti) houses (singular indlu; plural Xhosa and Zulu izindlu, Swati tindlu). Folds for animals and enclosures made specially for defensive purposes are also called kraals.

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