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Alamy is a stock agency with a unique way for students to get involved. Upload your images for free and make money.

Register for free and get all the money from the sale of your images

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You're in control of your images - if you’re the photographer you own the copyright

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Use Alamy tools to learn what customers want

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Alamy have paid
out over $140 million
to photographers
since 2001

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What is 100%

We give you 100% of the money from the sale of your images, for two years. There is no limit on sales, so whatever you sell, you get.

How does stock work

You upload your images to us, we sell them to our customers, they pay us and then we pay you. Simple.

Is my school registered on the project

See a full list of registered schools here.

If your school is not registered yet, ask your Course Director to email us the following info to

  • School name
  • Student email domain e.g.

How do I sign up

Before you sign up you'll need to get a code from your Course Director.

Sign up using your academic email address and a yellow box will pop up where you can enter your code. You can check you've registered as a student by going to your ‘My Alamy’ account; under commission structure it should say ‘100% students’.

Why bother

Stock is a great way to make some money from the photos you have already taken, and while you're studying you have some of the best facilities at your fingertips. A great studio, a variety of cameras and specialist lighting are all you need for a great stock shot.

Get your images in front of our customers - we sell to everyone, everywhere from newspapers and magazines to book publishers and design agencies.

A bit about working with Alamy

We don't edit on content, so you can upload what you want, as long as your photos pass our technical checks.

All licences are priced the same, whether you're a student, professional photographer or photo agency.

Our contract is non-exclusive so you can sell your images elsewhere.

Let's talk money

The average image sale price on Alamy is $90, but you can make even more if images are sold to advertising agencies or publishers, with average prices reaching:

  • Advert $500
  • Book $150
  • Online $20

Get in touch

Submitting to Alamy is easy, but if you do get stuck we've got a team on hand to help.

We have a great community too - where you can learn about the industry. Keep in touch on our blog, forum, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Terms and Conditions

You will receive 100% of the sale for 2 years from the registration date.

  • You must agree to all other terms in the contributor contract.
  • You must be eligible to take part in the 100% student project, with a valid university or college email address and validation code that has been obtained from an affiliated course director.
  • You must not share validation codes under any circumstances.
  • Any misuse will result in the immediate termination of your contract with Alamy, and all your images will be removed.
  • Alamy can change the appearance and behaviour of this service without consultation.
  • The above terms can be subject to change without notice as the service develops.

More help…

How the 100% student project works

Take some amazing
photos or prepare the
ones you already have


Upload them to Alamy,
they'll go through our QC
checks and then you can
caption and keyword them


Your images will go on sale
to our customers all over
the world. If you make a sale
you get to keep all of
the money (we normally pay 50%)