Boston, USA. 19th Aug, 2017. Boston police estimated that 40,000 counterdemonstrators gathered at the center of the city at the Boston Common in protest of a “Boston free

Boston, MA, USA, 19 August 2017: Boston police estimated that up to 40,000 demonstrators gathered at the center of the city at the Boston Common, the oldest public park in the United States, as a counterprotest to the “Boston Free Speech” rally that was rumored to be attended by white-supremacist groups and individuals involved in the Charlottesville, VA., demonstration that took the life 32-year-old Heather Heyer in August of 2017. The rally was attended by less than 100 mostly right wing supporters of President Donald Trump. Boston Police separated the two groups by about 30 meters with metal barricades. 27 people were arrested for disorderly conduct during the demonstrations at the common on Saturday and the participants of the free speech rally were taken out of the park in closed police vans protected by officers wearing full riot gear. Photo shows Boston police in riot gear waiting for police vans carrying free speech demonstrators to leave the park. Photo by Chuck Nacke/Alamy Live News
Location: Boston Common, Boston, MA USA

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