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Alamy Images launches virtual alternative to Royalty-free CD's

Introducing the Virtual CD

2nd September 2003

Alamy, a leading provider of both specialist and general imagery from the world's major picture agencies and photographers, has today launched the Virtual CD. This unique new product gives image buyers and contributors all the benefits of hard copy Royalty-free discs without the associated expense, delivery delays or storage issues.

For both contributors and buyers, Alamy's Virtual CDs have many advantages over their physical counterparts. Contributors who have never been able to create physical stock CDs because of the high cost of mastering, manufacture and distribution, can now produce a virtual equivalent for free. They can create collections online and make them instantly available to all customers visiting the Alamy site, increasing the visibility of their portfolio of work. Customers will benefit from access to new and exciting image collections they won't find anywhere else.

Image buyers can browse through Virtual CDs online and, once purchased, have instant access to the images, as the disk becomes an integral part of their Alamy account - no postal delays or costs. In addition, unlike traditional physical discs, it is impossible to lose a Virtual CD. The stock will always be available 24/7 for download from their account on the Alamy website.

James West, CEO of Alamy Images, commented, "We realise that many of our customers want to buy Royalty-free images on CD for reasons of convenience and economy-of-scale. With our Virtual CD we are not only meeting this demand, but are providing a whole host of other benefits besides. Alamy customers now have instant, online access to collections of images - including new material from contributors who wouldn't normally sell their products on physical discs - at attractive prices. Our Virtual CD technology levels the playing field for contributors too, making publishing collections a reality for all."

A portfolio of 130 Virtual CDs has already been produced for the launch of the Virtual CD, and this number will continue to grow. Customers can choose CDs from contributors including image100, imagestopshop, ImageState, PhotoWood, Up the Resolution and Nature Picture Library.

Prices for the current range of Virtual CDs start at £99.99 (149.99 Euros) for 55 images and range up to £299 (495 Euros) for 100 images. Pricing and the number of images per CD varies according to the contributor.

Contributors who would like to have their images considered for Virtual CD collections should contact Alan Capel, Head of Content at Alamy.