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Alamy introduces unique 24/7 high-resolution download tool

Picture desks applaud new Easy Download service

9th July 2002

Alamy Images, a leading provider of specialist images and general material from the world's key picture libraries and photographers, has developed a quick and easy download tool that enables account customers to download high-resolution images at any time.

The Easy Download tool, which is unique within the industry, enables customers who need stock images at short notice to search, check restrictions, and download high resolution files without having to contact Alamy's customer service department. Alamy can also remove images from suppliers who do not wish their images to be sold to certain clients (e.g. on price competition or ethical grounds) so that the user cannot download them.

Alamy customers including The Sunday Times and The Independent have been using a prototype version of the download tool and are very impressed with the results. Jeremy Bayston, Assistant Picture Editor, at The Sunday Times commented, "Alamy's download tool is what we've been crying out for. We're frequently called upon to source images at the last minute - and often outside business hours - so quick and easy access to images at any time of the day or night is essential. This tool has therefore made Alamy a viable alternative to larger industry players who don't provide this sort of facility, and who can often find it difficult to turn round urgent requests."

Tehmina Boman, Picture Researcher, at The Independent added, "I love the quality and variety of Alamy's images and this great tool - which is extremely easy to use - gives me instant access to their portfolio. The process of choosing and downloading an image has been streamlined to a matter of minutes - particularly valuable when you’re working to a tight deadline!"

To avoid abuse of the tool, Alamy has limited use of the tool to Alamy account customers only. Anyone interested in using Alamy's Easy Download tool should contact Alamy in the first instance for details of qualification criteria.