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Why should I sell stock imagery on Alamy?

Why should I sell stock imagery on Alamy?

What stock imagery can I sell on Alamy?

We sell stock photos, footage, vectors, illustrations and reportage and archival imagery.  We also have a Live News Team, working directly with news outlets to sell news, sports and entertainment images taken in the last 24 hours.

Our customers love us because we have a large and encyclopaedic collection – so we want all of your stock images, mainstream or niche, creative or editorial in style. Everything that passes our technical criteria will be put on sale on our site – our aim is to give our clients the best possible choice. If you’re looking for ideas on what to send us, check out our Curated Image categories.

Once you start submitting, we want you to continue; we need fresh and up-to-date imagery to keep our collection relevant, exciting and on-trend. We promote the best of our new content on our Latest Imagery pages – head over there for some inspiration.

For more information about getting started, check out the links below:

We also have a mobile app called Stockimo which gives you the opportunity to sell your iPhone photos on Alamy. It’s a different route though, so find out more on our Stockimo page.