How to use images in your marketing campaigns

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Adding images to your marketing campaigns can help to improve the impact and success your campaigns have, as well as adding to the visual appeal of your content. They can effectively deliver a message, help with promotion and generally make your content look more visually appealing!

Ever looked at an image and immediately thought of a certain brand or product?

An important yet often underrated part of any marketing campaign is the choice of imagery a company uses. If you use the right image, you can capture the attention of your audience and deliver a message within seconds. Likewise, the wrong image choice can do just the same thing but for a whole host of negative reasons.

This article from Industrial Marketer gives a great overview of why photography is important and the power images can have as a marketing tool. We’ve put together some top tips to help you make an impact with the images you use in your next marketing campaign…

  1. Use hi-res imagery

This might seem like an obvious one, but it’s vitally important that all images used in any form of marketing campaign are high resolution. Buying a stock image is a fantastic way of keeping your campaign looking sharp and professional, whilst buying the right image license will make sure you don’t encounter any legal issues down the line once you start using the image. It’ll also mean you get the full hi-res version of the image with all watermarks removed – lo-res and watermarked images not only loo k unprofessional but are a clear sign that images are being used without the correct permissions.

  1. Pick an image with plenty of copy space

Great if you’re producing an advert on a bill board, putting a poster or flyer together to promote your new product, or sending a promotional email to your clients. Adding text to an image is an easy to way to deliver a to-the-point message that catches your audience’s eye.

  1. Choose images that promote your brand

For a more corporate feel or to help to increase awareness of your brand, choose an image that uses your brand colours? On Alamy, you can search by colour using the hex code, you just need to click the ‘Image’ filter on the search page. That way you can make sure the images you use are on-brand. This will help customers to start associating certain colours with your brand, so when they see your brand colours elsewhere, you’ll come to mind.

  1. Tie the image in with the message you’re delivering

Images offer a fantastic way of getting creative with your marketing. Whether you use an image on its own to get your message across, or create a catchy slogan to accompany it, if you pick the right image it can act as a visual aid for your customers to easily understand the message you are trying to put across.

  1. Use on-trend imagery

Like most things in life, what’s popular in the world of photography changes from month to month. Luckily for you, we create a handy Image Trends report that looks at the most popular trends in imagery based on the images that our US and UK customers buy most often. Check out our 2016 image trends report here to get a feel for the key image trends, and look out for our brand new report later this month!

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