Our philosophy

We´re a little bit different. We’re proud of doing things differently and philanthropy is an important part of our company DNA.

We donate a significant proportion of our operating profits to charity. In fact since 2007, we´ve donated over £2.8 million to good causes, with the majority of our money used for cancer research. This is directed through SBL, a laboratory funded by our major shareholder
Mike Fischer and his charity, The Fischer Family Trust. We also support a number of charitable projects based around improved health education and self-sufficiency in poor communities and we actively support programs to help reduce Alamy´s carbon footprint.

100% Students

In 2011 we launched the 100% Students project, giving students 100% commission from the sale of their images. We target photography courses and work with some of the best universities and colleges from around the world. It´s a great opportunity for students to learn about the stock photography industry and earn money while they do it. We hope that any money they make in this time will support their studies, heighten their passion for photography and ease their move into this industry.

Solar Powered Lamps

We offset any unavoidable business travel with our Solar Light Program.
We´ve been donating solar powered lamps to poor communities around the world since 2010. And in 2011/2012 we worked with International Relief and Development, a nonprofit humanitarian and development organization which distributed over 3,000 solar lamps. Alamy donated to people in Haiti who were made homeless as a result of the earthquake of 2010. In 2013 we distributed 2,400 solar powered lamps which were sent to Southern India and distributed by the aid company One Million Lights.

On Your Bike

40% of our UK employees have so far taken advantage of the cycle to work scheme. This is great news as we now have fitter staff and a lower carbon footprint.

Eye See

In India we supported and sponsored an eye camp for the students from a school local to our office. The children who took part in the camp came from economically challenged backgrounds with limited access to good healthcare advice. 1,200 students took part in the program which offered an initial screening, medical advice on eye care, symptoms to watch out for and information on treatments. 34 students required glasses and 34 required treatment for various eye defects. Alamy funded glasses for the students that needed them and we´re working out options for those with some of the more serious conditions.