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Stockimo - Important stuff for Alamy Contributors

Permalink19 February 2014 at 04:42 by Alan Capel - Head of Content
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Man walking in the park. - Image S00315 © Guillermo Becerra / Stockimo / Alamy
© Guillermo Becerra / Stockimo / Alamy
The Stockimo app allows you to upload iPhone images from your phone and get them up for sale on Alamy. Stockimo is the name of the app, it has a brand of its own but it’s 100% owned and run by Alamy.

There’s a special deal for our existing Alamy contributors, so if you take shots with your iPhone you should definitely download it and sign up.

Why we’ve added mobile

We believe in the value of mobile photography – a smartphone is with you all the time. The spontaneous and natural feel of mobile imagery shines through. Whether you shoot with Stockimo in mind or trawl through your camera roll for cool stuff you’ve already taken, we’d love to see it for sale on Alamy. We see Stockimo as a great addition for contributors - for those moments when your phone is your camera.

Getting started

Use your Alamy contributor log in to ‘log in’ on Stockimo. Make sure you use the exact same user email and password.

Contract and commission

  • If you were an Alamy contributor when Stockimo launched on the App Store (4th Feb 2014) you’ll get 50% commission for all sales of your Stockimo images (standard commission is 20%)
  • If you’re new to Alamy, you can still get 40% by signing up before 30th April. *We've extended our Early bird offer until July 31st
  • Stockimo shots are treated the same as camera shots when it comes to pricing
  • It’s a different contract to the Alamy contributor contract; you sign up to it on the app
  • Some of the big differences in the contract

  • Stockimo images will be automatically available across our entire sales network, including all our distributors
  • We want to make life easier for buyers so you can’t set restrictions on the images
  • We select the license type and sales model we sell your images under. Initially Stockimo images are RF or RM on Alamy depending on the answers you give when you upload

Using Stockimo

  • Stockimo photos are rated out of 4. Raters judge on aesthetics - scores are based on their emotional responses flavoured with their experience of what sells. The photos don’t go through normal Alamy QC
  • We’ll introduce a filter for Stockimo shots in the future. For now, to see them, search ‘Stockimo’ under contributor name in advanced search
  • It’s iPhone only, sorry Android users. We wanted to stick to one platform and iPhone came out top in our research. Of course we aren’t ruling out an Android version in the future
  • We only want mobile shots via this route; Stockimo isn’t an upload tool for your camera shots

Getting paid

  • You’ll be paid for your Stockimo sales via PayPal
  • Stockimo is all done through the app, so the only place you’ll see uploads and sales is on the app. You won’t see Stockimo sales in your Alamy sales history or balance of account or net revenue pages
  • For Stockimo to be successful it has to be simple, so we report your share to you once its cleared and is ready to pay, we don’t provide any other details about how or where photos have been used

We’ve tried to keep the app as simple as possible but we’re considering a long list of enhancements. We’d love to hear your feedback. Tell us what you think and what you’d like to see on the app by emailing support@stockimo.com.

Follow @Stockimo on Twitter to keep up to date with news and find out about app updates.

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