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Ask James - updated. All parts (1-3) now live! Your questions answered (video)

Permalink21 June 2013 at 16:10 by James Allsworth - Social Media Manager
Posted under News, Rambling CEO

We'd like to thank you for all the questions submitted to our "Ask James" feature where you could ask our CEO, James West, a question. We gathered many questions up from you all via Facebook, Twitter and here on the Blog and James has recently sat down in front of his webcam and recorded his answers.

There were so many questions that we've had to split the response up into three, ten(ish) minute chunks.

Just to clarify a couple of things though; we couldn't answer *every* single question so they were edited down slightly. Reasons for this include duplication of questions or questions that we've answered many times before already via this blog and the help text. In some cases we've had to combine similar questions. Also, if you have asked your question after the deadline (Monday the 17th) then it wouldn't have made the list.

So - onward then with part one of three. In this section James covers the exciting world of three month usage report times, keywording training, discounts and minimum price setting, the US office, commission percentages, online portfolios, Alamy open days, video submissions, overseas markets and the news desk. Phew.

It's time for part two. In this section James covers pricing strategy, exclusivity, the new search filters, progress on our plans for 2013, the payout limit, creative edits and SEO with google image results. It's a bumper packed video and the concluding part will be posted here in the next couple of days.

It's time for the final part. In this section James covers newspaper usage reporting, activity around the new website, benefits of working with Alamy, pricing strategy and keywording.

Remember, photographers have been discussing all of this over on the Alamy contributor forum, so feel free to get involved.

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