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Introducing Alamy iQ

Permalink15 November 2012 at 05:27 by Alan Capel - Head of Content
Posted under James’ Blog

One of Alamy’s founding and continuing philosophies is centred on adopting innovative solutions to solve problems and make step change improvements to our services. Not just because we can, but because I believe that by changing some of the ‘givens’ we will serve the market better.

Recently, my mind‘s been focused on trying to resolve some of the constraints that we as an industry impose upon our customers. For some buyers in big corporate organisations image buying can be overly complex and convoluted.

Our solution is Alamy iQ.

Alamy iQ offers a highly customised experience for our clients – instant visibility of images purchased across the whole organisation, discounts on re-use for colleagues in other divisions and options to upload and sell owned assets. It also overcomes complicated pricing structures that have been a disincentive to image buyers and it offers a less complicated way of controlling image rights and use. We are providing all this without the need for customers to write a single line of code or carry out any installation or integration. And what’s more it’s free.

This product radically improves the customer experience on Alamy. And that can only be a good thing.

Alamy iQ is great for the contributor community too. Alamy iQ is about defining rights and tailoring them to meet a client’s requirements. It will help us deliver a better online experience for customers, therefore, increasing the potential for sales and repeat sales across global organisations.

The short animation above explains just how Alamy iQ works.

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