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Image Licensing: Time for a Change?

Permalink28 June 2012 at 08:23 by James West - CEO
Posted under James’ Blog

In late May we hosted a round table discussion in London with a wide spectrum of key decision makers on the subject of stock image pricing and licensing models. These included picture buyers, photographers, journalists and commentators as well as stock image agencies.

The outputs of this meeting are contained within our white paper, Image Licensing: Time for a Change? The key findings from the report are:

  • Photographers are finding the current market very hard
  • Complicated pricing structures are a disincentive to picture buyers
  • Conventional licensing models are complicated and outmoded
  • Image sharing is endemic and there is a diminishing sense of the commercial value in an image
  • Technology is not solving the problem of unauthorised image use so we need a simplified solution

The consensus was that these are challenging times for the industry as a whole and especially for photographers. For me one of the key aspects of the report is that while photographers’ production costs have increased, their day rates for commissioned work and price per image for stock photo sales have decreased to the extent that making stock photography financially worthwhile is ever more challenging.

The question is whether our industry continues its strategy of simply reacting to events or becomes more nimble to seek out new opportunities for growth. Please have a look at the white paper and share your thoughts with me.

Read the press release and download the white paper here:

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